Gratitude- Say Thanks Don’t Grumble

A hope lies,
Deep within your heart.
Even on your darkest days.
Some sun shines.
Somewhere deep inside
A fire is lit.

What you have,
Never do you praise.
You keep on asking for more,
Gratitude you never show.
I agree satisfaction isn’t good,
But gratitude is a must.
For not everyone gets,
As much as you have got.

For when you never thank,
How do you hope for more?
The light of hope that is on,
Will never die
But can’t you show the one,
How much gratitude to him you owe?

Life isn’t a bed of roses,
Neither of thorns it is.
If you start valuing things,
Then you will realise how precious it is.

Because life seems much better,
When you stop grumbling and start thanking.


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