Don’t just say – Say the truth

Fights happen very frequently,
Small , big and of all kinds.
Easy to blame,
The other one it is.
But have you ever tried,
Taking it on you?

We often just conclude,
By saying he started it,
But did you actually,
Look back to see if its true?

One hand alone cannot clap,
Another hand is needed.
So is a fight,
If you shut up,
The other will also stop.

Easy to blame on other,
Tough to take on our name.
Ever tried stoping a fight,
Instead of continuing one?

Seldom do we realize,
That we can be wrong.
Put the blame on the others head,
Happily we conclude.

Ever thought if you were,
The one who was blamed?
Even when you,
Weren’t at fault?

Look back and see,
Don’t make judgements angrily.


Published by: Paaras

Hello there! I'm Paaras! So I started doing poetry a few years ago and now I wanted to see what others think about them. I feel poetry is the best way to express thoughts and expressions. What a story can't do i feel a poem can do!

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