They say,
Criticism isn’t good.
Then how do we know,
Where did we get wrong this time?

If no one’s to tell,
Where you went wrong.
How do you know how to,
Make that weakness strong.

Too much of nothing,
Has ever been good.
Neither of criticism,
Do I say will ever be good.
But when it’s given,
In the right amount.
In what way can you say,
That it is wrong?

Very often we do make mistakes.
We feel what we’ve done is right.
If there is never someone,
To show you the right path.
How can you ever decide,
Whats right and what’s wrong?

We say “you just criticise”,
But seldom do we realise,
That he may not mean harm,
And actually want to make you strong.

If we never,
Listen to what were our mistakes.
We will never be able,
To make life better in any way.

Before making judgements,
See if they actually meant harm.
If that’s the truth,
Don’t have faith on that one.
Kick them out of your life,
Don’t bring them back,

Because criticism is only good,
When done by the good-hearted one.


Published by: Paaras

Hello there! I'm Paaras! So I started doing poetry a few years ago and now I wanted to see what others think about them. I feel poetry is the best way to express thoughts and expressions. What a story can't do i feel a poem can do!

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