Very frequently,
We get less than what we expect.
Hopes high,
Broken in the end.

We expect too much,
And many times get nothing in return.
We ask for nothing,
Hope for more.
When we don’t,
Let the one know what we want,
How do we expect them,
To give it to us?

Expectations high,
Seldom do we realize,
That did we do,
What others expected from us?

I feel expectations,
Should be low.
For when you don’t hope,
Your heart will never break.

Expecting from some,
May seem right.
But people keep expectations from every one,
I always wonder why?

Hope less,
More delighted you will be.
When people do more than you expect,
You are happier than you usually would be.

But always remember,
Don’t forget to come up to others expectations.
Just because you have,
Decided to keep none.

More delighted you will be,
If you keep your hope lower than it should be.
Believe me on this,
I’ve tried this already


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