Made of

Quite often we tend,
To blame others for our mistakes.
Very frequently we don’t see,
What’s the true story behind.

Without realising,
To the circumstances we blame.
But have you wondered, when in the same situation,
Did everyone do the same?

Sometimes we are mistaken,
By the situation
And to them,
We tend to blame.

He didn’t do the same,
Did you wonder why?
Maybe he is just different,
Than what you are.

We usually forget,
That reactions depend on us.
Not on,
What everyone else does.

We put the problem away,
By passing the fault.
But have you thought,
If you ever gained anything from that?

Accepting our faults,
And our personalities.
We can save,
So many from being punished,
For no justified reason.

Even after we’ve heard,
We seem to forget.
That its not on the condition,
But rather what we are made of.
And instead of accepting,
We blame the circumstances.

“The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It’s not about the circumstances, but rather what your made of”


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