An Inner Disagreement

Slight move,

A silent sigh.

Eyes open,

Time to wake up it is.

A little ache,

A want to sleep more.

Then realise,

It’s a Saturday morn.

A happiness inside,

Eyes shut again.

Trying to sleep.

But the body won’t allow.

Closing eyes tightly,

Wanting to sleep more.

But only if,

The body allowed.

An hour of distress,

Trying to sleep.

Before realising it is,

Ten o’clock already.

Giving up on the want.

Just doing as the body demands.

A final wake up.

Eyes open fully now.

After waking up properly,

A want to sleep creeps in,

The early wake up,

Is resulting in this.

Body disagreeing,

With the mind.

Wanting to do,

The exact opposite at the same time.

Then a fight within,

Between body and mind.

Finally a word spoken,

By the heart.

Eyes wake up early,

Over the weekend.

But don’t want to even open,

From Monday to Friday.

This happens all the time,

A fight between body and mind.

A disagreement.

In which the heart needs to decide to choose one.


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