Justify Someone’s Existence

Very often asked,
To choose one I love the most.
But don’t they realise,
I have so many.

When asked to decide,
Between my favourite ones.
How am I expected to,
Create a hierarchy of love?

May not be able to choose one,
But their existence I can justify.
A very short life,
Too many people we meet.
But with some,
A special bond is created.
Some people just play,
Such an important role in our lives.
That we probably can’t seem to imagine,
A life without them.

So insignificant to the world we are,
But so significant to some people.
If they weren’t there
How would we justify our existence?

Most come and go,
In our lives.
But the ones that leave a mark,
Are the ones with whom you fall in love.

A life without them,
What a worthless one it would be.
These word may not justify their existence to you,
But for me they mean everything.

The ones I love,
Will never mean that to you.
Even if I tried,
I won’t be able to prove their existence to you.
Words are never enough,
To express someone’s value in our lives.
Maybe you don’t think they should exist,
But no one can take a place of them in our lives.

Maybe I don’t find it necessary,
That someone you love should live.
Because words can never be enough,
To justify someone’s existence.


Published by: Paaras

Hello there! I'm Paaras! So I started doing poetry a few years ago and now I wanted to see what others think about them. I feel poetry is the best way to express thoughts and expressions. What a story can't do i feel a poem can do!

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