Look Back

Not a different day,

Nothing new as such,

But a happy feeling,

Couldn’t find why.

Not that I,

Don’t want it.

But just an anxiety,

From where it came?

Small things,

Cause big thoughts.

Not only sad things,

But happiness is also looked for where it came from.

Something never happened before,

Today so new.

And so I wont be able to,

Stay in peace.

Maybe I want to know why,

So I get it everyday,

Maybe because,

This is how I want it to be,

My tomorrow and every today,

So when I look back,

This will be all my yesterdays.

Even if it isn’t something big,

Yet I want it everyday.

Because I’m bored of,

Getting unhappy and boring todays.

New experiences I want,

New things I wanna try as well.

I want to make life such,

That when,

I look back,

I feel I’ve lived it in the best way


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