Let Live

On my death bed,

When I lie,

I want to have no regrets,

And feel like a lifetime I have lived.

More important,

I don’t want,

To remember a bad memory,

With someone


I don’t want to,

Feel that someone else did not,

Let me live to the fullest.


When I am about to die.

I want to be happy with others,

Even if myself,

I am angry with.

Because I know,

Myself I can forgive.

But that day,

If I feel you stopped me,

I won’t forgive,


For that I say,

Let everyone live their life,

And you live yours.

Because at the end,

We can only blame others.

But if you let live,

Neither will I be able to blame you,

Nor will you feel guilty.

So it’s better that today,

You have your own life.

And for heaven’s sake,

Let me have mine


Published by: Paaras

Hello there! I'm Paaras! So I started doing poetry a few years ago and now I wanted to see what others think about them. I feel poetry is the best way to express thoughts and expressions. What a story can't do i feel a poem can do!

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