When I was five,

Or I talk about now,

She was,

And still is,

My hero.

And from what I know,

She will always be.

She was an awesome lady then,

Even better she has become today.

She hasn’t changed the world,

But my world she is.

She has changed my life,

Or to be fair,

Given me a life.

Without her,

I wouldn’t exist,

And for that,

She will remain the best.

Today when I look back,

I am completely made of,

What she has made me.

From talking,

To walking,

Whether it’s eating,

Or smiling,

It’s her who has taught me.

From sleepless nights,

To hungry days,

She always stood by my side,

And held me when I fell.

She is the reason I can stand today.

And the reason if I am strong.

I can’t ever return the favour,

Nor can do as much as she has for me.

And I don’t say this enough,

But I love you,

And I can never thank you enough, Mom.

You are my hero,

And for as long as I live,

You will always be.


Published by: Paaras

Hello there! I'm Paaras! So I started doing poetry a few years ago and now I wanted to see what others think about them. I feel poetry is the best way to express thoughts and expressions. What a story can't do i feel a poem can do!

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