Texting and Speaking

There are two kinds, I know of.

These people,

Are different,

In the way they are better,

At communicating,

Either in spoken words.

Or in written.

Some express better,

As they speak,

Whereas some,

Feel more comforted,

As they text, write.

I am better at written, I can’t say everything in spoken tangents.

But I can express,

And say everything I want to,

In written words.

I find it easier,

To write it out,

Than to speak it.

It’s just my way,

That I can’t do a proper tête-à-tête conversation,

And talk about everything

But in paper or emails.

I can speak my heart out.

I guess,

I’m scared of the response.

And so I like staying away from them,

When I say something.

In my speaking and writing,

That is the difference:

I can’t speak my heart out,


I can surely write it down.

And so I choose texting over speaking,


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