Grief and Life

“Tring Tring”
A phone rang,
Seldom did I know,
Someone so dear,
Was on a battle of life and death.

Every phone call after,
Ever message that popped,
A little strike of fear,
Like adrenaline it rushed,

Hoping it isn’t what it could be,
Hoping he hasn’t lost the fight,
Praying to god in hope,
Holding on to every second,

Feeling helpless,
Unknown of what is to be done,
Clenching dear ones around you,
Hands tightening like never before.

Another bell ring,
Knowing it was it,
A very dear one,
I had lost him to the skies above.

In pain and grief,
Little could I sleep or believe,
So in shock,
Couldn’t cry or breathe,

One side trying to console self,
While the other is struggling to accept,
Hoping it was a bad dream,
Unfortunately it came true.

Grieving is okay,
But you have to live for those alive,
Hold on to the moments,
Cherish those you have.
Because those who are gone are gone,
But those alive, will also leave one day.


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