Standing at this place in life,

Contemplating this situation,

How much should I hold on to?

And how much should I let go of?

This second trying to clench on to,

Every moment I have

Then in a split second,

Defying all the truths of this,

Position I find myself in.

Of what I should do? What I shouldn’t?

How much I should care? How much I shouldn’t?

How much I should be affected by? And how much I shouldn’t be?

With million questions of doubts,

And questions of self consoling.


Between this switch from one phase,

To another life changing one,

How am I supposed to react?

How am I supposed to breathe?

After being shattered by this,

Unthankful situation, unwanted more.

Trying to pick up small broken pieces of me,

Leaving this phase without a tear in my eye,

Someday I will be able to,

Glue the pieces and make myself whole again.


Surrounded by people,

People I know I will see again,

And people I probably won’t.

Consoling yourself that all will be okay.

When one part of you doubts it might not be.


This position isn’t the best I could be in,

But it may not be the worst.

All might be okay,

Maybe nothing will ever be,

At least I can breathe,

And that is all that matter for now.


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